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You can help put an end to the horrific killing of Australians in-utero and make abortion unthinkable in Australia, one mind at a time. We are building a media organisation that will have the power to spread this message to every Australian. Your role is integral. Please give now by contacting us via our Contact Us page.

Australia has the most extreme abortion laws in the world, allowing abortion up to birth and on demand. In Australia the most dangerous place for a child is in-utero where babies have a 22% chance of being killed through abortion.

Your decision right now can mean the difference between accepting the status quo and joining a new movement aimed at making abortion unthinkable in Australia. 

In just twelve months since launching her social media platforms to spark a national conversation on abortion, Dr Joanna Howe has reached over three million Australians through viral videos. Producing high-quality, evidence-based daily content, Joanna’s work seeks to change hearts and minds on abortion. Through painstaking research, Joanna has produced Fact Sheets which uncover the data and expose the facts on Feticide, Babies Born Alive after Failed Abortions and Abortion Pills. Joanna has written two submissions to federal parliamentary inquiries and been invited to give oral evidence to the Australian Senate inquiry into the Human Rights (Children Born Alive) Protection Bill 2023. Described as the abortion industry’s worst nightmare, Joanna is well-placed to lead Australia to rethink its attachment to abortion on demand.