Enid Lyons List launch in Adelaide - Dr Joanna Howe

Enid Lyons List launch in Adelaide

Enid Lyons List launch in Adelaide

Enid Lyons List (ELL) was launched in Adelaide on 31 March 2022 at Ayers House.

Dr Joanna Howe co-founded Enid Lyons List, which seeks to support the elevation of women who advocate for the protection of human life. ELL’s mission is to support and empower pregnant women and unborn babies so that both can realise their full potential.

ELL takes its inspiration from the pioneering work of Enid Lyons, mother of twelve children and the first woman elected to the federal House of Representatives and serve in the federal Cabinet. Enid Lyons opposed abortion and, in her memoirs, recounted her horror at having to watch a nurse throw the remains of her baby into a fireplace after a miscarriage. Enid Lyons was devoted to supporting women and particularly pregnant women. At a rally against a bill to expand abortion she said, ‘Abortion is a matter of life and death. There is no justification for it.’

To find out more about ELL’s work, go to www.enidlyonslist.com