Revoke Australia Day Honours for Radical Abortion Activists - Dr Joanna Howe

Revoke Australia Day Honours for Radical Abortion Activists

The Order of Australia Council has awarded an Order of Australia Medal recognising the work of radical abortion activists in Australia.

Traditionally the Order of Australia has recognised Australians “who have consistently performed to the highest standards and made major contributions to the Australian community and to humanity at large.”

In Australia abortion is the leading cause of death, killing over 88,000 Australian children in-utero every year.

As the co-founder of pro-abortion activist organisation, the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition, Baird and Coombe were architects of South Australia’s radical abortion up to birth laws which passed in 2021.

In 2022 there were 4,777 South Australian babies killed in-utero and as a direct result of Baird and Coombe’s new laws, 10 viable babies were killed after 23 weeks and prior to birth. 8 of these babies were perfectly healthy with physically healthy mothers. It is horrific they were not induced alive and placed for adoption.

Australia’s highest honours should not be given to radical abortion activists who advocate for killing Australian children.

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We, the undersigned, demand the Council for the Order of Australia strip Barbara Baird and Brigid Coombe of their Order of Australia Medals. In the Committee’s words, this award was given for their work over two decades in “normalising abortion care”. A violent medical procedure which kills Australian children in-utero should never be normalised. Every abortion kills an innocent human being and Baird and Coombe’s radical activism has therefore been instrumental in the deaths of over an estimated 1 million Australian children over two decades. This should not be celebrated or honoured. It should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.